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Sex and the Gay Christian!

Thanks for stopping by. We provide resources and spaces to help gay, bi, trans and Queer, Christian men navigate the complexities of being Queer, Christian and sexual in contemporary culture.

In this introduction we would like to explain why we are here, what our approach is, what we offer, and how you can get involved.

Why are we here?

As Queer Christians we live in a society not designed for our flourishing.

This is not God’s will. God wants our flourishing. God wants the flourishing of all humanity.

God brings human beings into the world one by one, each one unique, each one loved, each one good, each one a precious fragment of the divine which, when combined with all the other special human beings, reflects a picture of a God who is good and diverse and whole beyond our wildest imaginings.

But the world we are born into is broken. By whatever means, our human societies have turned away from a celebration of our created goodness and the beauty of creation, and they have embraced a system in which power, greed and fear combine to limit, suppress and destroy not only the lives of those on the margins, but even those parts of each human life that don’t fit into society’s misguided agendas.

This is the situation Christ came to heal.

Sex and the Gay Christian is born out of a desire to help gay, bi, trans and Queer men live fully into the freedom that Christ offers us, not only with our minds and spirit, but also with our hearts and bodies. We were created as whole beings and that creation is very good. Still, it is necessary for us to turn away from the brokenness of the world and it’s lies about us, and, through Christ, embrace the truth that we are wonderfully made to be whole, to be integrated, to delight in our entire being as God’s own creation and as reflections of God’s image.

Sex and the Gay Christian wants to help Queer, Christian men make decisions about their sexual ethics and practice that are consistent with and integrated into their walk with Christ. So many thoughtful, Queer Christians are elevating the dialogue around what it means to be Queer and Christian in this day and age (see our Resources pages) that we are constantly amazed at how each new voice at the table brings something exciting and different to the conversation. However (with some notable exceptions) most of the work focuses on sexual and gender identity, leaving open the question of what one actually does with one’s body, desires and sexual practice after one has reconciled their identity with their faith.

This is where Sex and the Gay Christian would like to help.

What is our approach?

We at Sex and the Gay Christian believe that through education, support, and grounding in Christ, Queer Christians can model for the world the healing that comes from being spiritually formed as integrated human beings, people whose harmony of spirit and mind, heart and body is so evident that others recognize that healing is possible and that there is a fuller way to live than the one offered by the societies of the world. To that end, we commit to learning, to listening and to praying to discern ways to be examples to the world of whole, living beings.

We Learn

At Sex and the Gay Christian, we study so that we can learn not only what Scripture and sacred writings say about the goodness of creation and sexuality, but also what science and reason teach us about the eternal truths of this creation as God continually creates, sustains and renews it.

We Listen

At Sex and the Gay Christian, we listen. We invite and seek out accounts of the lived experience of human beings. We hope to provide spaces where we can hear the stories of people who are struggling with their faith and their sexuality as well as those who have come to peace with how their sexuality and their Christian faith fit together. We want to listen so that we know the questions burning in the hearts of faithful people seeking to do the right thing as they love God and love their neighbor.

We Pray

At Sex and the Gay Christian, we pray for wisdom to discern how to accompany other Queer, Christian men as they develop a framework which will allow them to embrace their whole selves and their relationships as ways to experience and increase the love and presence of Christ in the world.

What do we offer?

Sex and the Gay Christian offers you resources, community, and inspiration as you journey towards an integrated spirituality and sexuality.

We Offer Resources

Through our website and newsletters, we share the wisdom and insights we have learned and discerned, as well as pointing you to other resources which you may find relevant and informative in your journey towards an integrated spirituality and sexuality.

We Offer Community

Through discussion groups (currently being established) and dialogue on our Medium platform, we invite you to connect with other Queer, Christian men around issues of sexual ethics and practice. As I’ve mentioned before, there is a growing number of spaces where people wrestle with issues of sexual and gender identity and faith, but few places where one can freely explore what it means to be sexual and a follower of Christ.

We Offer Inspiration

Through reflections on Scripture and other sacred writings, we will invite you to pray with us as we wrestle with God to come to a deeper understanding of the power of Spirit in our lives as we are being transformed by Christ into people who can love God with our hearts and minds and and our neighbors as ourselves.

How can you get involved?

Please consider becoming involved in our movement towards joy and freedom and healing in one of several ways, by joining, by offering and receiving support, by contributing and by staying informed.


We ask you to join us in the work of healing the world. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever your believe, wherever you are in your journey of faith, we ask you to take a small step into the fullness of life in Christ and to seek for small ways to share that joy and freedom with others.


We ask for your support and we ask you to allow us to support you. Please share with us your questions and concerns, your hopes and your fears, your expectations and your disappointments. This is how we can learn together. Please also share with us your reflections and perspectives through comments or send them to us at


Although the vast majority of our informational resources are free, we also ask you to contribute to help continue and expand the work we’re doing. We would greatly appreciate your support through Patreon (where you can contribute as little as $1 per month), and we would also ask you to consider whether you would also like to share your expertise and your talent with us by becoming a part of our team.


Finally, please allow us to keep in touch with you by subscribing to our email list. We will be continually adding new and updated resources and community opportunities to our website and publications, and we’d like to be able to invite you into whatever opportunities may arise in the future. Initially, we foresee contacting you once a month, more than that if you ask, and you can unsubscribe easily at any time. Click on the button below to not only subscribe to our newsletter, but become a part of our community today.

Thank you!

We’re so glad you stopped by. We welcome your presence and hope you join us on this journey to transform the world by living fully-integrated lives empowered by the gospel of Christ.

Blessings on your journey!

And, always, thanks be to God!

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