What Happened in 2020 (at Sex and the Gay Christian)?

A look back at the year that definitely was.

Happy New Year!
Looks like we made it!

Although that certainly wasn’t a given and many of us didn’t.

Most of us who did make it to this new year have come through 2020 with scars and painful memories, lost loved ones and lost livelihoods, missed opportunities and a million what-if’s.

It’s been a hard year. I’m glad you made it through.

But in the midst of all the chaos and despair, good things still managed to happen.

  • Some of us got very clear on what life was really about.
  • Some of us discovered opportunities that didn’t exist before.
  • And some of us found the strength and courage to stretch our wings and attempt to fly.

Here at Sex and the Gay Christian we decided to take flight.

Please click on the buttons, below, or scroll down to read about how that turned out.

The Launch: What We Accomplished
Sex and the Gay Christian
launched on National Coming Out Day
11 October 2020

Sex and the Gay Christian promised to provide resources and space to help gay, bi, trans, and Queer, Christian men navigate the complexities of being Queer, Christian and sexual in contemporary culture.

It was an ambitious launch. And we got a lot of it done. Here’s what we accomplished:

We offered resource pages

Our seven Resource pages list dozens of resources to help you navigate the complexities of being Queer, Christian and sexual in contemporary culture.

  • Our Calendar of Events helps you remember dates and events of interest to Queer Christians.
  • Our Recommendations and Non-Recommendations pages list books, articles and talks we recommend to you… and some we don’t.
  • Our Organizations, Communities & Online Resources page lists groups and online resources which provide you support as you seek to integrate your sexuality into your spiritual life.
  • Our Podcasts page lists a small fraction of the many good broadcasts available to you which speak to the joys and challenges of being Queer, Christian and sexual.
  • Our Video Channels page lists YouTube channels with valuable information for the community.
  • Our Sources page references the books, articles, webpages, videos, and other materials we are consulting as we continue to do research.
We offered community spaces

Sex and the Gay Christian offered a number of spaces where you can connect with others wrestling with issues of sexuality and spirituality from a Christian perspective.

  • On Facebook, the Sex & the Gay Christian Discussion Group gives you the opportunity to connect with the community, share your wisdom and experience, and ask any questions you might have.
  • Our Patreon page, with various levels of patronage starting at $1/month, provides even more opportunities for direct interaction with our team and others.
  • Our Instagram and Twitter feeds shouted out various queer holidays. We also participated in discussions around sex-positivity, sexual ethics, and LGBTQ+ inclusion in communities of faith.
We offered a listening ear

Through informal means, we provided one-on-one support to a handful of Queer Christians who were struggling with their faith and their sexuality and how to live out those dynamics in sometimes hostile situations. We hope to do more of this work.

The Regrouping: What Remains to Be Done

Suffice to say, we bit off more than we could chew, and after our initial launch (six months in the making) we were exhausted. However, we’re fully rested up, now, newly inspired, and ready to press forward with more offerings for you in a more reasonable time frame.

More Resources

In our research, we have discovered an avalanche of resources and communities that may be of interest to you. We will be adding these to our website periodically as we check them out and make sure they point you in a healthy direction with regard to your sexuality and your faith.

A Glossary

In preparation for the launch last October, we started compiling a list of terms which might be useful for you to be familiar with. We figured there would be a few, common terms which would be easy to define… until we got to over two hundred terms we felt were pretty important. We also realized that the ways most of those terms were used were quite fluid, hotly debated, or both. We never got the glossary completed.

However, going forward, we will begin to offer our glossary a few definitions at a time, starting with the most commonly used and continuing to the more obscure, but also interesting terms and concepts.

The Plan: What You Can Expect

So we’ve had ups and downs. But we start the new year with renewed energy and inspiration. Here’s what we plan to offer you, going forward:

A Free Mini Course: Getting OK with Being Christian and Gay

Between now and Easter (preferably by Valentine’s Day) Sex and the Gay Christian will launch a free email mini course, “Getting OK with Being Christian and Gay.” This seven-week course will walk you through a process for coming to know in your mind, your heart, your gut, and your spirit that it’s okay to be Christian and gay,

We realized during our research (lurking and listening in places likely and unlikely on social media) that the question on the minds of many of you was not “How do I construct a sexual ethic that integrates my sexuality into my walk with Christ?” but a more basic and desperate “How do I know it’s okay to be Christian and gay?” This course hopes to lay that foundational groundwork while inviting you to consider what a sex-positive, Queer, Christian sexual ethic might look for you.

Even if you’re completely okay with being Christian and gay, we’d appreciate your taking a look (it’ll be free, after all) and giving us your ideas about how to make this a go-to resource for people questioning whether they can be LGBTQ+ and still walk faithfully in the way of Christ.

Click here to be informed when we launch
“Getting OK with Being Christian and Gay”!

A Renewed Commitment to Gather and Nurture Community

in addition to our free email course, we make a renewed commitment to gather and nurture community.

  • On Facebook: we commit to growing the fledgling Facebook Discussion Group into a great cloud of witnesses supporting each other by the end of the year.
  • On Twitter: we commit to keeping our eye on news and discussions of interest to you and the LGBTQ+ Christian community.
  • On Patreon: we commit to providing extra content such as behind the scenes videos, opportunities for facilitated gatherings, and merchandise.
A Renewed Commitment to Share what We’re Learning

Ultimately we will be sharing what we learn in a book we’ve been researching, the working title of which is Sex and the Gay Christian: Developing a Personal, Christ-Centered Sexual Ethic for Today’s World. Before then, however, we’d like to offer the following on our website, at Medium.com, and on our social media channels:

  • Reviews and commentary on important works we’re reading;
  • Reflections on what we’re learning about cultivating a healthy, sex-positive spirituality; and,
  • Occasional news and updates concerning what’s going on of interest to our community in the wider world.

Our Invitation to You: Come be a part of our community
Share your wisdom with us

We firmly believe that all of us are smarter than any of us. Therefore, we’re mindful of the fact that we need your input: your testimonies, your stories, and your hard-earned wisdom.

Bring us your questions

If you have questions, we might not have all the answers, but we can help you figure out what’s right for you while keeping an eye on what others in your situation have done or have considered.

Keep us in prayer

This is sacred work we’re doing. And it’s work the accuser (ho diábolos) doesn’t want us to get done. So we ask you for your prayers.

Sign up for updates

So you know what to expect, we will be sending out a monthly newsletters and occasional announcements of new offerings.

Click here to sign up for
monthly and occasional newsletter updates.

Thank you so much!

We truly appreciate the time you have spent with us and for giving us your valuable attention. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, testimonies, suggestions, criticisms and random thoughts at info@sexgaychristian.com.

This page, this website, and all its contents copyright © 2020-2021 Jon Carl Lewis unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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