News & Updates :: 23 May 2021

Happy Pentecost!

And welcome back to
Sex & the Gay Christian!

Hi! I’m Jon Carl, your host. A lot has happened since you last heard from me.

As the Holy Spirit births the church on this day, we remember the resurrection of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. We think about the new directions our lives are taking as life appears ready to begin again after our perpetual Lent of the past year and a half. This hasn’t been an easy time for anybody. For some of us, it’s been a profound time of suffering. For many of us it’s been a profound time of soul searching and redirection.

Sex & the Gay Christian is no different.

What started a year ago as a desire to provide resources for gay, bi, trans* and Queer, Christian men to explore the intersections of sex and spirit morphed into a book project. The research for the book project highlighted a need to hear and give voice to the experiences, wisdom, and longings of real, Queer, Christian men.

To that end, I’ve decided to focus on creating conversations among Queer, Christian men about the integration of our sexuality and our spirituality. Our resources pages are still there, but I plan to focus on hearing and amplifying your stories through one-on-one conversation, guided group encounters, and reflections on topics, persons, and resources of interest to gay, bi, trans* and Queer, Christian men.

I’d like you to join me in this new phase of our project. Email me or click on the buttons below to tell me your story, explore resources, or just stay informed. May you receive nourishment and encouragement on your journey to wholeness, abundance and joy.

Thank you so much for your presence and attention.
I’d love to talk to you and hear your thoughts.
Please email me at or comment below.

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Jon Carl Lewis unless otherwise noted.
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2 thoughts on “News & Updates :: 23 May 2021

  1. I’m a transmale, ftm pre-t. I like your blog. I’m currently a catholic and hiding the fact that I’m still in the closet. I wish I had someone like you to talk. Raven


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