News & Updates :: 30 May 2021

Trinity Sunday
Photo by Tofin Creations on Unsplash

Hi! I’m Jon Carl, your host.
Welcome back to Sex & the Gay Christian.

Trinity Sunday is the day the Western Church celebrates the fullness of God through the mystery of the Trinity. I won’t even attempt to explain or describe the concept of the Trinity, but I will say one thing about it: it’s all about love, and it’s all about relationships.

I’d like to establish a relationship with you in order to help you experience healthy, guilt free, loving, same sex relationships that fit your Christian values. One of the ways we can overcome the sexual shame so pervasive in our culture is to give voice to our desires for connection, for touch, for love, and have those desires mirrored back to us as good. Over the next few months I will be inviting you into conversation around your sexuality, your spirituality, where they intersect, and where you would like them to achieve greater harmony and resonance.

Email me or click on the buttons below to tell me your story, explore resources, or just stay informed. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, may you live a life of abundance in Christ… sex included.

Thank you so much for your presence and attention.
I’d love to talk to you and hear your thoughts.
Please email me at or comment below.

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