News & Updates :: 13 June 2021

Welcome back to Sex & the Gay Christian!

We’re deep into Pride month and the colors are flying! I’m glad to see that there are more colors than there used to be, and many more flags to fly at Pride. Every time I think I have a favorite, I see a new color combination, and that one makes me happy, too. It is so fitting that tomorrow is Flag Day. Let’s celebrate the rich diversity of our communities and show the world how beautiful we are.

The Pride logo for

Apologies for not posting last week. Last Saturday, 05 June, was the 40th anniversary of the announcement that a handful of healthy, young, gay men had come down with a strange and deadly disease. That disease later became known as AIDS, and the virus that caused it was later identified as HIV. HIV disease is now controllable (but not curable). Furthermore, people with HIV are able to live lives of normal length and not pass the virus onto others if they stay consistent with their treatment (U=U). Also, through the use of PReP, people can now prevent themselves from catching HIV if they have the resources and the knowledge. [Check out if you’d like to know more.]

But still, we lost so much. We lost generations of wisdom and guidance and innovation and mentoring. Now, it seems we’re playing catchup and there is a lot of reinventing wheels that were starting to form before the worst pandemic of the current age. And due to lack of information and support, new people, young people and old, are being infected every day. In the United States as well as around the world. And it’s hard to put that sorrow into words. So I didn’t.

But one of the driving factors behind the Sex & the Gay Christian Project is a desire to gather and equip people to become the mentors and the wisdom figures and the guides that people of my generation watched slip away as fast as we could find them. The Internet and even Zoom have shown us that we need community, we thirst for community, and that nurturing community is possible even at a distance, even as we isolate from each other to protect ourselves from the most recent plague.

So let’s be community to each other. I’d love to hear your ideas. Email me at with your thoughts, or if you’d like to talk more about this.

Thank You!

So, thank you for being here. Thank you for your pride. Thank you for staying alive. Be blessed!

Thank you so much for your presence and attention.
I’d love to talk to you and hear your thoughts.
Please email me at or comment below.

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