But What About SEX? A New Direction for Sex & the Gay Christian

I’m still in shock, so I’m not sure I need to be writing this right now. Not only am I mourning the demise and potential destruction of Twitter, but also the book proposal I submitted to write Sex & the Gay Christian, a guide to sexual integrity for queer Christians, has been rejected by the first major publisher to show initial interest in it. On the bright side, the editorial folks loved the content enough to take it to the folks in marketing. Unfortunately, the marketing department felt that queer, progressive Christians were too narrow a market for them to take a financial chance on at this time.

I think they’re wrong.

But my contact at the publisher sent me a sweet rejection email which contained the elements of a way forward. While researching sexual ethics (originally just for gay, bi, trans, and queer men) the scope of my research has widened to include some of the best of thought on sexual ethics–queer and otherwise. The general principles I’ve discerned might well apply to a wide range of Christians navigating between purity culture and mindless sexual consumerism. I don’t want or intend to abandon the queer community of which I am a part and where my heart finds its home. I firmly believe that the queer community is on the cutting edge for the times and places we inhabit. Our strategies and our mindful approach to sexuality, gender, and relationships are gifts which we can share with the wider world.

So I’m going to pivot.

I intend to propose a slightly different book. My new working title is But What About SEX? It promises to help post-purity culture Christians navigate and fulfill their sexual and relational desires with integrity and joy. I, by myself, don’t have all the answers. But we as a community can offer pathways to sexual integrity to all faithful Christians who want to live a full and joyous life in Christ–sex included. And, with your support, wisdom, and prayers, I’d like to communicate that message.

Stay tuned!

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