About Jon Carl

Meet Jon Carl!

Hi! It’s Jon again. I’d love to walk with you on your spiritual journey as your spiritual companion. As a spiritual director I am trained to explore with you how Spirit is moving in all areas of your life. As a gay man, I provide an informed, non-judgmental atmosphere for your explorations of all things pertaining to your spiritual life—including the sexual and the relational. Through an ongoing series of conversations known as spiritual direction, I can help you come to greater clarity about your desires, your options, and your choices, as well as how those desires and choices inform and are informed by your spiritual life.

Jon Carl Lewis (he/him/his) is a Gay Christian man living with his husband of 26 years and two boy cats.

A Lifelong Christian… of Various Sorts

Deep Roots in the Black Church Tradition

A Near-Fatal Flirtation with Fundamentalism

A Survivor of Conversion Therapy

Searching in Seminary

Thirty Years of Anglo-Catholicism

My Deconstruction

A Reconstructed Contemplative

A Spiritual Director

An Endlessly Curious Researcher

An Advocate for a Sex-Positive Queer Christianity

Email me at jon@incarnatus.com or fill out the form, below, to set up a free, hour-long discovery session to see if we’re a good fit—no strings attached!

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