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Sex and the Gay Christian is a website and a community committed to providing resources and spaces to help gay, bi, trans and Queer Christian men navigate the complexities of being Queer, Christian and sexual in contemporary culture.

Who are we for?

Although Sex and the Gay Christian focuses on the interests and concerns of gay, bi, trans and queer Christian men, all are welcome in our community, no matter who you are, how you identify, or where you are in your spiritual practice (or none) or journey of faith. Find out more About Our Community.

What is our vision?

Sex and the Gay Christian envisions a world where Queer people who are committed to walking with Christ model not only a robust, personal, fully-integrated spirituality but embody a Gospel message of inclusion and redemption for the world. Find out more About Our Vision.

What do we offer?

Sex and the Gay Christian offers resources and community to help Queer, Christian men explore their sexuality and their faith, construct a personal sexual ethic, and connect with others seeking to integrate their sexuality into their walk with Christ. Find out more About What We Offer.

Who are we?

Sex and the Gay Christian is currently one person using the royal “we.” The reason for the “we” is that this effort requires the input and resources, questions and real concerns of an entire community, and so your host is looking to recruit people to the team at a variety of levels of engagement. Find out more About Your Host and About Our Team.

Sex and the Gay Christian logo

Thank you for spending this time with us. We appreciate your presence. Please feel free to send us your comments, questions, suggestions and testimonies to info@sexgaychristian.com. This page, this website and all its contents copyright © 2020-2021 Jon Carl Lewis unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.

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