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Welcome to the Sex and the Gay Christian community. No matter who you are, no matter where you are in your journey of faith you are welcome here.

Our Dream Team

At the moment, the “we” of Sex and the Gay Christian is a royal “we” (consisting of your host) but we hope to be joined soon by you and a great cloud of Queer Christians seeking to integrate their sexual ethics and sexual expression into their walk with Christ. Below is a description of our Dream Team.

Your Host

Your host, Jon Carl Lewis, is a spiritual director in training and a former journalist who has studied theology, ethics, scripture and discernment at several theological institutions. A budding Evangelical missionary in college, he found affirmation in the Episcopal Church where he has worshiped and ministered for almost thirty years. More About Your Host.

Conversation Partners

Sex and the Gay Christian currently has a number of conversation partners, some of whom know we are in conversation with them and some of whom don’t. Included among those conversation partners are the authors of the many books and articles we are reading and the many speakers, podcasters and video presenters we are learning from. In addition to published authors and people with platforms, we would like to be in conversation with a broad range of people of diverse experience and perspectives, many of whose stories would otherwise never be heard. If you’d like to be in conversation with us, either as a one-off or an ongoing conversation, please email us at info@sexgaychristian.org.


Although this is a labor of love, to express the fullness of what we would like to offer, we need your prayers, your participation… and your financial support. Even though we expect this will remain a volunteer effort, it takes investment to build a healthy online community and provide resources and support at a professional level. To help support us and access other opportunities for community and connection, please join our Patreon community at patreon.com/sexgaychristian.

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Thank you for spending this time with us. We appreciate your presence. Please feel free to send us your comments, questions, suggestions and testimonies to info@sexgaychristian.com. This page, this website and all its contents copyright © 2020-2021 Jon Carl Lewis unless otherwise noted. All Rights Reserved.

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