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Hello! My name is Jon Carl Lewis, and I am your host at Sex and the Gay Christian.

I am a spiritual director under supervision and, thus, am being trained to see where the Divine is moving in the lives of others and help them cultivate a deeper awareness and sensitivity to Spirit moving in their lives. Because we humans have been created as whole, integrated beings, I believe that growing into spiritual maturity includes growing into maturity in our sexual understanding and sexual expression.

Jon’s Background and Interests

Although I am not an ordained pastor, a minister or a priest, I have studied theology, scripture, discernment and ethics at Princeton Theological Seminary, Harvard Divinity School and General Theological Seminary. Currently, my training to be a spiritual director immerses me in contemplative practices designed to integrate an awareness of the Divine presence into every aspect of one’s personhood and relationships.

Throughout my studies, however, I have been constantly distracted by questions I didn’t think I could ask, questions that seemed to be at the periphery of the concerns of the academy and the religious establishment. Sure, there were places where I could explore identity and questions of belonging as a gay man, as a Black man, as a Christian embracing those two identities, but I didn’t find a place where I could answer my questions about actual sex, sexual ethics, sexual practice, and sexual relating.

So, concurrent with my theological studies, I also explored the world of sex. Although I had a solid theological framework in place before I, myself, ever became sexual with another person, I still wanted to know more about how my sexual attitudes and practices could better integrate with my spiritual life and practices. In the course of my explorations I have consulted sources both within the Christian tradition and outside of it, both scientific and popular.

Ever the self-sacrificing journalist, I did a fair amount of practical research, some of it hands-on, much of it vicariously, and mostly in the context of moving in and among various communities of Queer men and Christians (erotic and otherwise).

I have had a broad range of experiences, some of them harrowing, some of them blissful. Surprisingly many were the times of deep connection, more often than I hoped with a spiritual quality.

And it was this spiritual quality that intrigued me. Even in my early explorations I noticed that many of my sexual experiences left me feeling a sense of wholeness, a sense of oneness, a sense of having touched a fragment of the holy, the transcendent in both the other and myself.

But as I looked to the Christian community and the Christian tradition for guidance and language by which to channel and express these experiences I found very few venues in which I could learn or find suitable discussion partners with whom to work out an understanding of what was going on.

For the longest time, I tried to work out my interest in the intersections between sexual identity, sexual expression and religious expression through fiction. I tried to force my questions and brief glances of insight into plot structures and storylines that wouldn’t bear the weight of my theological ponderings.

So, after many years of wandering in this philosophical desert I am coming to heed the words of Antonio Machado: we make the road by walking. So, full of practical experience—and a little wisdom—and mindful of the reality that tomorrow is not promised to anyone, I set myself to the task of integrating what I have learned, supplementing my subjective experiences with research into the philosophy and theology of Jesus-centered, Judeo-Christian thought and practices on healthy sexuality.

Jon’s Theology

I believe in a loving Creator and an eternal Christ, expressed in their fullness through the life and work of Jesus of Nazareth, a Palestinian Jew living under a brutal Roman occupation, who taught humanity to seek God directly through trust in a benevolent Father and in the persons of our fellow humans, especially those who have been marginalized by society.

I believe in a Holy Spirit who has been for all eternity flowing forth from the Creator and the Christ, inspiring the prophets and common people alike, urging us to turn to God for the strength and ability to love ourselves and love others well.

I believe in the Body of Christ and the eternal Communion of Saints. I believe in the priesthood of all believers and all humanity as a reflection of the promiscuous outpouring of love and the diversity of the Divine.

Jon’s Prayer

My constant prayer is for the coming reign of Christ and for the healing of the Universe.

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