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This page is where I put material that has been inspirational to me during the Sex and the Gay Christian project, such as quotes.

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Whitman, Walt (1819-1892)
“I Sing the Body Electric”

If any thing is sacred the human body is sacred,
And the glory and sweet of a man is the token of manhood untainted,
And in man or woman a clean, strong, firm-fibred body, is more beautiful than the most beautiful face. (from part 8) Source:, accessed 11 Sep 2020 (11;28).

World Association for Sexual Health (WAS)
“Declaration of Sexual Rights” (2014)

Sexuality is a central aspect of being human throughout life, encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, and reproduction. Sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles, and relationships. While sexuality can include all these dimensions, not all of them are always experienced or expressed. (WAS, 2014, p. 1)


Zane, Zachary
“My First Sex Party Changed My Outlook on Everything”

Zane, Zachary. “My First Sex Party Changed My Outlook on Everything: There was so much more to it than sex.” 08 Aug 2019.

They even did something that no sex party or club I’ve been to since has done—and I’ve been to a few dozen more. They encouraged you to say what it is you’d like to do with the person sexually, and to finish it with, “If you’re down, come find me later.” That way, it makes it a lot easier for the person to reject you without verbalizing it, and the rejection itself feels less personal. If they’re interested, they’ll find you. If they’re not—or get too tied up (pun intended)—then it doesn’t happen. No hard feelings. Awkwardness removed.

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