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The Sex and the Gay Christian Podcast will provide information about healthy sexuality and sexual ethics with an aim to helping gay, bi, trans and Queer Christian men integrate their sexuality into their walk with Christ.

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123RF. has audio assets. I got a free subscription 18 Oct 2020. un: sexgaychristian. em:

Interview Questions

What was the first time that spirituality and sex came together for you, personally?

How do your sexual life and your spiritual life interact?

How do your values inform your sexual ethic?

How does your sexual ethic manifest in relationships with others?

What do you value in sex?

People to Interview

Machel L. Hunt

Relationship counselor. Psychosexual Therapist. Sex Coach. Tantric Coach. Based in Atlanta. Instagram: Can’t locate a website.

Hunt is a researcher and pro-non-consensual monogamy. His mission is to get every Black gay man in Atlanta into therapy. Discovered 16 Sep 2020.

Justin Natoli

Justin Natoli, JD, LMFT. Psychotherapist (LMFT #88839). 822 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite 303Los Angeles, CA 90035. 310-508-2590.

I liked his ideas about polyamory and “tribal sexuality.” I also liked his phrase “sexual personality” which he used in an article on his blog. I’d like to interview him about how to construct a sexual ethic.

Matthias Roberts

Matthias Roberts. Therapist. Author.

This may be hard to arrange.

Brandan Robertson

Podcasting Notes
Formatting Notes

I think I’d like to keep my podcasts to a half hour. This will be less work for me than the hour-plus-long standard, and may be easier on my audiences. Noted 08 Sep 2020 (08:36).

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