The Book Project

Sex & the Gay Christian was originally conceived as a book project to help Queer, Christian men develop a healthy, personal sexual ethic that fit their Christian values. At the suggestion of an interested publisher, the vision for the book has expanded to embrace the rich diversity of the entire Queer Christian rainbow.

In the current book proposal (in progress) Sex & the Gay Christian has four major parts:

  • Part 1 explores what a healthy, positive, ethical, Queer, Christian sexuality might look like.
  • Part 2 provides roadmaps for making sexual decisions in light of your deepest values and Christian faith.
  • Part 3 helps you discern a personal, sexual ethic to guide you in your sexual practices.
  • Part 4 suggests ways you can integrate your sexual and your spiritual lives.

But I need your help!

I need your stories. I need your wisdom. I need your input. I’ve spent the past two years reading dozens of books and articles. I’ve had some great conversations with thoughtful, faithful people, but for the most part it’s been me and the thoughts in my head. It is important to me, however, that I speak to the real concerns of real Queer Christians about sex and sexuality from a healthy, ethical perspective. Also, I want to tap into the vast reserve of hard-earned wisdom which the Queer Christian community holds around these topics. That said…

I need your questions and concerns.

I’d like to know what bothers you about the relationship between your sexuality and your spirituality. What gives you pain? What causes confusion? Can you fulfill the desires of your heart and live a faithful life in Christ, too? Fill out the form below and let’s arrange a time to chat.

I need your wisdom.

Each of us has some wisdom to offer others on the path of life. I invite you to share with me your wisdom about relating, about living a faithfully Queer, Christian life, and the ways you have found to integrate your sexuality and your spirituality. I’d appreciate a few minutes of your time. Fill out the form below to drop some wisdom or arrange a time to chat.

I need your support.

Buying up every book I can find on the vast array of topics relevant to the intersections of sex and spirit has proven to be quite expensive, not to mention the time and energy I have poured into this project with no clear outcome. If you have the means and the inclination, please visit my Patreon page to find ways you can support this work (even a dollar a month will help me buy an extra book a year).

I need your prayers.

As with any spiritual endeavor, our battle is not really with flesh and blood, but spiritual powers working both for and against the liberation of God’s people from the bondage of sin, ignorance and death. So, I ask you for your prayers. The prayers of many good people have kept me going over the years, and the more I toil in the vineyard of the Lord, the more I realize how much of the work requires the good will and intercessions of others. So, pray for me. And if you have a prayer request, drop it in the form below and I’ll pray for you.

All that being said…

Please Stay in Touch!

Whether you have a comment, a question, a prayer request, or just want to say, “Hi!” I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like me to respond, give me a day or two and I surely will.
Thank you for your support. Be blessed!

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