Sex & Spirit Discussion Groups

Sex & the Gay Christian invites you to spend one evening a month in a compassionate, loving atmosphere where you can connect with other LGBTQIA+ Christians and explore the deepest desires of your heart. A monthly group for GBTQ+ Christian men will gather beginning the first Thursday in March 2022. A group for Queer Christians in general will form later in the year.

Led by Jon Carl Lewis, a certified spiritual director, 6-8 persons will meet the first Thursday of every month for six months, two hours at a time, to explore the personal interactions of sex and spirit in a nurturing and contemplative environment.

The fee for the series is $200 and includes two, hour-long, one-on-one spiritual direction sessions, one near the beginning and one after the completion of the six months.

A free, initial interview with Jon is required.

Let’s Get Started!

Please fill out the form, below, and I will be in touch within 48 hours to answer your questions and concerns and set up at time for your initial interview.

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