Share Your Story

Hi! This is Jon. I’m looking for conversation partners to share with me their thoughts and experiences on sex and spirituality from a Queer Christian or general spiritual perspective. I am working on a book—tentatively titled, “Sex & the Gay Christian”—a guide to help LGBTQIA+ Christians make healthy, ethical sexual decisions and more fully integrate the sexual and the spiritual aspects of their lives. Because this is a vast community with a wide variety of perspectives, I want to gather as many stories and as much wisdom as I can to help make the book as relevant and useful as possible.

I would like to offer two scenarios for people to share with me their wisdom and their concerns.

  • One scenario would involve a one-time hourlong interview via Zoom or telephone. In exchange, I will offer you a separate, free, one-hour spiritual direction session at another time of our mutual choosing.
  • The second scenario would involve a series of three, free, hour long spiritual direction sessions focused on exploring from a spiritual perspective your attitudes about sexuality, your sexual history and practices, and your aspirations for the future—all with the guidance of a certified spiritual director.

If this is of interest to you, please contact me through the form, below, or by emailing me at

Also, if you know someone who might be interested in participating, please feel free to pass this information along.

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